This is a condition that causes the cartilage connecting ribs to the breastbone to swell. The point where ribs join the sternum is the costosternal joint. This condition causes severe pain that is similar to the pain caused by heart attacks.
This condition is also called impaired ejaculation. It is characterized by an unusually long period of sexual stimulation before semen is released from a manís penis. In some cases, men are completely unable to ejaculate.
A ganglion is a tumor or cyst that forms on top of a joint. It also forms on the part that covers tendons and it looks like a sac filled with liquid. The sac is filled with a clear, thick, and sticky fluid substance. The ganglion might be firm or spongy d
This is a collection of clear fluid in a thin-walled sac inside the scrotum. Due to some similarities in the male and female gonads, females might also get a hydrocele.
Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes production of excessive sweat even when the body is cool. It occurs mostly in people between 25 and 64 years of age.
These are noncancerous growths that develop on the fibrous tissue of the skin.
This is a condition that causes the mucous membrane and skin to swell. The condition forms flat-topped bumps on the skin that are purplish in color and often itchy.
Motor neurons are nerve cells that the brain uses to send commands that involve neurons. The disease leads to gradual destruction of motor neurons which impedes the ability of the brain to communicate with muscles and other tissues responsible for movemen
This condition causes muscles that are under voluntary control to rapidly get tired and weak. The cause of this condition is communication issues between nerves and muscles.
This is a long-term condition that affects the central nervous system. The condition often causes a person to feel excessively sleepy during the day.
It is inflammation of the bone marrow and the bone surrounding it due to infection. When there is an infection in a bone, it swells and causes pressure to increase in the blood vessels and bone marrow.
This disease causes fibrous scar tissue to develop inside a manís penis and it causes the penis to be curved when erect. The erection is also painful due to stress exerted on the tissue as it gets engorged with blood during an erection.
Polycystic kidney disease is characterized by several numbers of cysts that appear in the kidneys. The function of kidneys is to filter out waste and excess fluid; however, in the case of polycystic kidney disease, the kidney cysts fill with fluid.
Polycythemia Vera is a fairly rare blood disorder which is characterized by the production of excessive red blood cells by the bone marrow.
Post-polio syndrome or PPS is a viral disease, which impacts the nervous system and tends to lead to partial or, in certain cases, full paralysis. It most commonly affects people who, at some point in life, have suffered from poliomyelitis.
This is a condition that causes the skin to become harder and thicker. It is an autoimmune disease and it belongs to the same group of diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
This is an immune system disorder that causes dryness in the eyes and mouth. It has similarities with several other disorders of the immune system including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In Sjogren's syndrome, the mucus membranes that are responsible f
Tinea versicolor is a common fungal disease among adolescents and young adults. This is also observed in healthy people. It can be treated easily, but can occur again. The chances of this are higher among people living in hot climates. The disease is not